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EDAG UK – an overview

Business values

Highly motivated, flexible, eager to learn, high-performing employees produce TOP quality

We attach huge importance to our further development. After all, our claim is to become better everyday. This applies to the team as a whole and to each one of us individually. We thereby rely on a constant willingness to learn.


We are flexible, because only those who want to continue moving, not aimlessly, but with the aim of impressing and achieving enthusiasm, are capable of bringing others forward in issues of mobility. And because top performance only works in a team, we expect our employees to be willing to work together to the maximum.

The benefit for our customers is clear: a high-performance partner at the TOP level.

Excellent services with outstanding customer feedback

Mobility fascinates our customers. Progress in mobility creates enthusiasm. A lot of passion has often gone into developments that impress others. Our aim is to not only leave a lasting, good impression with our work, attitude and manner, but also to guarantee a competitive edge for our customers. Outstanding feedback from a very satisfied customers is our incentive.

Mastering innovation and new technologies

Our work influences the future of the market. We not only work on current challenges, but recognise trends and changes in the automobile industry at an early stage.

We do not satisfy ourselves with the status quo, because our claim is to continually improve the quality of product and production development and processes and therefore almost achieve the impossible.

We deliver innovative solutions and new technologies for our customers and thereby ensure we maintain a top position.

Strong global presence and network

Mobility is a basic global need. Just like our customers, we also display a strong global presence. Germany is and remains our basis because the future needs an origin.

Our aim is to deliver the best practice at all sites for the challenges in the automobile industry, because every nation has its own mobility demands.  

An excellent international network and dedicated teamwork are not only important to us, we view them as a matter of course in achieving this aim.

Profitable growth

We also want to be the best on the market with respect to growth and profitability. Growth and profitability are not just claims made by the management and are not ends in themselves. They are a matter of mutual understanding for all managers and employees.

Due to our inner strengths, our values and our scope for creative solutions, we are always discovering new opportunities for further development and improvement. We therefore provide constant impetus and can develop our core services further.

We make full use of our strengths and use the opportunities that bring us forward in the long-term. That is the best form of sustainability and is a guarantee for profitability during our course of growth.



EDAG's registered office in the UK was established in 1989. Since February 2015, the subsidiary targets projects with all major OEMs as well as Tier 1 suppliers. In March 2016, EDAG Engineering Limited moved into its new offices in Royal Leamington Spa.


The office has a capacity of 60 people working on both open plan spaces as well as exclusive customer areas. By end of 2016, our work force is 22 employees.

We are working with various OEMs across the UK and are also looking to gain and establish business with companies worldwide.


The branch office in England was established to meet demands and be close to customers.


Company became part of the FFT EDAG Production Systems Limited.


Operating under brand name EDAG Engineering Limited.


New premises in Warwickshire, Royal Leamington Spa.


EDAG UK Management



Javier Rodriguez

Managing Director

Jürgen Vogt

Managing Director


Code of Conduct

Ever since the company was first founded, vital prerequisites for the success of the business activities of EDAG Engineering Limited have been adherence to ethical standards such as integrity, honesty and adherence to the law, and exercising a sense of responsibility in all we do. In addition, respect and fairness towards colleagues, customers and business associates are an inherent part of EDAG's corporate culture, and central to the definition of our principles.


To underline how very important these principles are, we have put together the main points of all the most important legal and ethical dos and don'ts in the EDAG Code of Conduct.

This code of conduct provides our employees a set of instructions on how to deal with laws, rules, regulations and guidelines and is intended to help to prevent any damage from happening to the company or individual employees. We expect strict compliance with all relevant legal and in-house requirements from all of our employees. Our Compliance Organisation supports the executive board, managers and employees in their daily activities, provides orientation and information on legal and other binding rules of conduct.

Along with our brand values and leadership principles, the code of conduct is also an important element of our corporate culture. It is important to practise and comply with its contents.


Our distinctions and awards

The claim we make on ourselves and our work are made visible through our distinctions.









Our customers are our best reference.


Automotive Industry:

Aston Martin, Jaguar Land Rover

EDAG Group Customers:

Audi, BMW, BMW Brilliance, Bugatti, Chrysler, Daimler, Fiat, Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Opel, Porsche, PSA, Renault, Seat, Skoda, Tata Motors, Toyota, Volkswagen 

EDAG Group 1st Tier Suppliers:

Benteler, Bosch, Chery, Comau, Continental, Delphi, Dura Automotive, Electrolux, Fisker, Futura, Gestamp, Inalfa, Johnson Controls, Magna, Miele, Siemens,  Sonora, ThyssenKrupp, WorldAutoSteel