• Standing the test of millions of years

    EDAG's design (r)evolution

  • The show must go on

    Using our own technology to get concept and show cars ready for the stage

  • Additive manufacturing (3D printing)

    How the "EDAG Genesis" turned the automobile world upside down

  • Pedestrian protection doesn't only happen on the road

    When pedestrian protection standards go beyond legal provisions



EDAG Design Concepts takes you through strategic product development, from the idea to the physical model, providing complete development support through to the finished product.

Our specialists from the Design Studio, Surface Operations and Physical Models areas ensure that conclusive automobile and product concepts result, and we then apply our innovative strength and method skills to realise these. We come up with far-sighted, unusual and extraordinary solutions that are characterised by a well-developed feeling for material, technical and technological trends, market relevance and future consumer and customer requirements.


EDAG Design Studio – success begins with design

For us, design is far more than just the development of aesthetical forms. Product and brand are inseparably linked and mutually dependent. Ultimately, the final result of the design process must be to strengthen your brand. Our guidelines for product conception and the creative product design process are your brand equity and brand slogan.

See ourinternational website for more information.

Surface Development

EDAG Surface Operations – perfect surfaces

For Surface Operations surface development is an important interface between design and the downstream development departments. Experienced studio engineers help to find the right balance between design requirements and technical feasibility. One way of doing this is with virtual models, which we use for the initial representation of the three-dimensional design.

See our international website for more information.

Model Making

EDAG Physical Models – turning visions into models

Our model making centres create high-precision physical models of future vehicles and products. Craftsmanship, attention to detail and a feeling for perfect surfaces are what characterise our model makers.


The parallel design produced by the model making department's development modellers guarantees that a structurally validated basis is established for the models.
At an early stage in the design process, our electric/electronic specialists ensure that HMI, light, lamps and electrical components all work properly. Using state of the art production technology to ensure cost-effective, on-schedule solutions is for us a matter of course.

The following physical models can be created when working on your tasks:

  • Clay models
  • Hard models, solid / see-through
  • Seat boxes for package and colour & trim
  • Clinic models, exterior / interior / combined
  • Driveable show cars with a wide range of functions, e.g. lighting, electrical door drives, etc.
  • Sculptures and special models
  • Prototypes and and low-volume production parts
  • Models for securing function and tolerances
  • Data control models
  • Cubing models
  • Lamps and lighting systems

In line with customer specifications, these models can involve unique, individual technical concepts and solutions, which we develop and realise exclusively – throughout Europe, at the following sites.Fulda, Cologne, Wolfsburg, Rüsselsheim, Ingolstadt, Munich, SindelfingenGyör (H), Mladá Boleslav (CZ), Turin (I), Barcelona (E), Poznan (PL)