• Additive manufacturing (3D printing)

    How the "EDAG Genesis" turned the automobile world upside down

  • The stuff that change is made of

    EDAG Light Cocoon - possible paradigm shift for future mobility

  • EDAG Soulmate

    When the car suddenly becomes the better smartphone

Join a global family of unconventional engineers who are committed to shaping the future of mobility

We live in transformative times

Rapid change, accelerating innovation and technological complexity are now accepted features of our industry whilst drivers expectations of their vehicles, safety and performance are rising at a remarkable pace. 

We believe that thriving in this environment requires a unique team who can collaborate to move people; not just physically, but emotionally. A team who are sensitive to the human experience their engineering creates. A team who are as comfortable getting behind the wheel as they are getting under the bonnet. 

We believe that the future of mobility is waiting to be defined by a team with the vision to think big, the courage to tackle the impossible and the energy to keep moving until they arrive. Our goal is to be that team and your advantage. 

We put our customers in pole position

We are an independent automotive engineering partner that specialises in complete vehicle development. We employ approximately 8,100 employees across more than 60 sites throughout the world and we were proud to be awarded one of the automotive industry’s top 100 employers. 

As part of our global expansion as well as developing existing and establishing new business with UK-based OEMs, we are setting up a subsidiary in Royal Leamington Spa. Hence, we are looking for strong candidates, at a range of levels, to form part of our new and exciting UK headquarters. 

Our global expertise allows us to work with local brands to develop vehicles, production plants and production processes that help them create new advantages in their market. We work with each other to redefine the boundaries of what is possible. 

We do this by never standing still

This means constantly evolving our understanding of what excites and moves our people, our clients and most importantly, their customers.
We invest heavily in giving our people the tools and knowledge to deliver work that makes you, and your teammates, proud. All we ask is that you embrace the EDAG family and help us think bigger, move faster and learn more than we could without you.