• Additive manufacturing (3D printing)

    How the "EDAG Genesis" turned the automobile world upside down

  • The stuff that change is made of

    EDAG Light Cocoon - possible paradigm shift for future mobility

  • EDAG Soulmate

    When the car suddenly becomes the better smartphone

Our culture helps you move further, faster

The EDAG team is made of an eclectic blend of backgrounds, skillsets and perspectives but they are united by a few important characteristics. These are some of the beliefs that drive our culture. 

High performance comes from balancing individuality with team spirit.

We celebrate unconventional thinking and we are looking for people who can bring unique perspectives to complex challenges. We understand that our ability to work as part of a high-performing team is the secret to making those unconventional ideas a reality. 

Achievement comes from agility.

We are passionate about pushing ourselves to achieve new things and we have a healthy disregard for the status quo when we can see new ways to deliver value for the team, for clients or for their customers. We are flexible problem solvers focused on outcomes. 

World-class solutions are driven by creative ambition.

We are filled with ambition and our creative approach to solving the problems our peers cannot solve has earned us a strong reputation in the industry for delivering real commercial advantage. We urge our people to think big and then think bigger.

Shaping the future of mobility requires endless curiosity.

We believe that learning is a way of life and we are passionate about sharing knowledge and ensuring you have access to cutting-edge industry R&D. The only limit on your personal development will be your appetite for knowledge.